“One year with us gives you five years’ worth of experience compared to working somewhere else. You’ll work on projects that are career defining.”

  • Why boohoo group? What makes us different?

    boohoo is an extremely fast paced and dynamic business.  It is all about being ‘can do’, and if you are wired to make a difference and take action then this is a perfect fit.

    There have been nine acquisitions in the two and a half years I’ve been working here, so it has not been dull.  Tech has played a major part in making that possible. The Tech team has evolved from the small team that did an amazing job in getting the business to where it was to a real Northern Tech Power House full of talent!

    I work with my peer group in a way unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I think of it as a collaborative partnership because people want to help each other get it right for the business, which is really refreshing. There’s huge power in that, and what the business delivers is truly phenomenal. 

  • What led you to, and keeps you at, boohoo group?

    I was very aware of the brand, and ecommerce is an extremely exciting area of retail to be in. What keeps me here are the people I work with and the interesting projects. There’s always something going on and there’s always more to achieve. I like my peer group, our leaders, and my team. 

    I’ve had unwavering support for the changes that we have made in Tech and the journey we are on, which is really encouraging. That’s really important for me. 

    I also remember, people work for people. If someone chooses to work for you that’s a privilege, so you have to make sure you’re doing it right, with integrity, and treating people well. People want to see authenticity and to feel supported. That’s where loyalty to the Group comes from.

  • What’s your strategy, vision and leadership style?

    My strategy and vision are clear – it’s to be a tech enabler. We’re the tech behind the brands, so we should add value and make a difference. I believe that as a department we wouldn’t and shouldn’t exist in our own right. I like to pre-empt what the business is planning, and what it needs, so that the tech is ready when it’s needed and it's flexible and scalable. Technology should provide a platform that the business can bend and shape to its own design and will, so we’re making things as tech agnostic as possible, plus ensuring its scalable and easy to work with. 

    My leadership style is situational. It has to be at boohoo group. By that, I mean I gauge what’s going on and then decide how I approach it. Scenarios and situations dictate my approach, so I adapt based on my audience and the task in hand. I also make sure I manage the team differently as they’re all individuals. I believe I’m authentic and straight-talking.

  • Why should top talent join us? What’s in it for them?

    Talent should join us because of the breadth of what we look after and the focus and support we have as a department. We’re not such a big team that you only work on one element in a silo – you get involved in end-to-end projects. Everything for us is cloud-based, there’s no legacy technology to contend with. 

    We’re very focused on development and career progression. Someone once told me that that one year with us gave them five years’ worth of experience compared to working somewhere else. Our people get the experience and exposure to work on things that are CV building and potentially career-defining. 

    If you enjoy the pace, you’ll thrive here. Tech is an integral partner to the business - we have a seat at the table. Our work environment and culture are outstanding too. We have hybrid and remote working so people can collaborate when they need to and work where they feel they’re adding value. Everyone shares a high energy, can-do approach.