“boohoo actively encourages people to manage their development, and supports and helps people to achieve their goals.”

  • Why did you apply to work for us?

    I worked at law firms for a number of years before joining boohoo, but was always interested in working in an in-house role as I could continue with my legal career, as well as become more involved in the day-to-day side of business. The chance to work in the legal team at a fast-paced, global fashion business was the perfect opportunity for me and so I was keen to take on the role.

  • What’s the best thing about working for us?

    There are so many things that I enjoy about working at boohoo – the variety of work, the challenges it presents, finding solutions - and the parties are good too!


    Overall though I would say that the people are the best thing about working here. We have a great legal team, and everybody is happy to help each other out. We are a busy team and the role is demanding, but we all know how to have a laugh at the same time.


    It’s important to build relationships with other areas of the business, and to make sure that people feel comfortable coming to the legal team and asking for advice. I am lucky in my role as I get to work with so many people across the Group from different teams and departments, and it has been great getting to know and work with so many different people. 

  • How would you describe the culture?

    The culture at boohoo is very collaborative. From the outside people will see an online fashion business, but behind the websites there are thousands of employees across the globe working together. Even though we all have our own individual roles, we are all part of a big team working towards the same goal – making the business a success.

  • What do you get up to in your role? What makes it different compared with other similar roles you’ve had?

    It’s such a varied role and no two days are the same!

    I advise the whole group on a huge range of legal issues such as commercial contracts, advertising law, brand collaborations and influencer agreements, IT, logistics, construction - the list goes on and that is what makes the role so exciting. I support the business across all levels from straightforward contracts all the way through to acquisitions.

    boohoo is a fast-paced business and so you need to be able to think on your feet, which can mean making important decisions quickly. We are such an ambitious business and there is always so much going on. Rather than just giving straight legal advice or flagging risks, it’s important in my role to try to think of solutions and ways to try and make things work for the business.

    In my previous work at law firms, I enjoyed working closely with and getting to know clients, but I was always interested in what would come next for those businesses after I had finished working with them. Here at boohoo, I not only give the legal advice, but also have the chance to contribute to the commercial discussions and making ‘business’ decisions based on the advice that I have given. It’s also nice to see things that you have worked on come to life, like collaborations and other marketing campaigns.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

    After working in law firms for so long and specialising in one area of law, it was a huge challenge to move into such a varied in-house role at boohoo, but I have loved it. I’ve really enjoyed being involved in so many projects that are critical to the business. It’s so rewarding to see something that I have been involved in being such a success, and to know I am contributing to the overall success of the business.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    boohoo actively encourages people to manage their development, and supports and helps people to achieve their goals. If you are ambitious then there is definitely a platform for you to progress within the business. The business encourages people to take on challenges, and so your progression isn’t necessarily limited to within the team or department that you initially join.

    I would say that being positive, enthusiastic and having a “can-do” attitude are essential to having a successful career here.

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    As far as my role is concerned, I think it’s a unique place to work. Each brand has its own style, strategy and direction and it’s really interesting to be involved in each of them and to see how they each do their own thing. On top of that I also advise lots of different teams and departments across the group, and they each have different needs - this means advising on a huge range of legal issues and covering several different areas of law.

  • Describe working here in 3 words.

    Rewarding, challenging, exciting.


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