“The brand is something that makes me proud to be part of.”

  • Why did you apply to work for us?

    A previous line manager I worked for at Barclays Technology was working for boohoo via a Third Party and recommended both myself and the Project Delivery leaders as a great fit. He believed my passion and skills as a Business Analyst would be a great fit for the organisation.

  • What’s the best thing about working for us?

    There is a great family culture feel from the leaders in technology, all of whom have a great deal of emotional intelligence and like to empower their teams, and this is a leadership style that I prefer and thrive in.

  • How would you describe the culture?

    Incredibly fast-paced but in a highly engaging way. Highly passionate teams with a real sense of wanting to get things done well to ensure the business continues to get bigger and bigger.

  • What do you get up to in your role?

    I am responsible for the analysis and requirements into our developers for the delivery of all technology within a new warehouse that we are opening in Wellingborough (UK3).

  • How has your career developed since you’ve worked here?

    I am still reasonably new to the company (three months) however, I have already been part of some big tech deliveries within the new warehouse and examples of those are:

    • A new Training Environment including schedule and order data for 200 new colleagues joining the new warehouse over the next few months.
    • Phase 2 of the new warehouse analysis and requirements which will be integrating all systems and processes with our internal systems for a better innovative solution.
  • What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

    The Training Environment was placed at risk and was not delivered days before 100 new colleagues were due to arrive on site because of third parties letting us down. When this happened the tech delivery team involved in this at boohoo all got together and worked with our magician developers to solve the problem internally. It involved lots of extra hours of work outside of the 9-5 UK routine but was highly engaging and we managed to save the day at the last hour, ensuring the training schedule could be delivered to the new joiners in an effective way with system support.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Being highly passionate is something that helps you thrive here. Having a strong understanding of other people's thoughts and feelings (emotional intelligence) allows you to work with everybody in a way that creates the best team environment, and if you have EI then WE WANT YOU!

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    The brand is something that makes me proud to be part of. It is continuing to grow at a great rate and the integrity within the company to continue to improve the way we do business morally within fast fashion is something that resonates with me a lot.

  • Describe working here in 3 words.

    Passion. Intense. Amazing.

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