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Think open. Think transparent. Think better.

With multiple brands and such a global reach, we’re passionate about being the best we can be and living up to our responsibilities.

We’re embracing change. We’re creating a stronger, more open and transparent boohoo group every day. We’re backing British manufacturing. We’ve strengthened our corporate governance and substantially increased our responsible sourcing, ethical compliance and sustainability teams. We’ve mapped and measured our global supply chain, developed new tech solutions, adapted our processes and invested resource and significant funds to support garment workers. Our actions speak louder than words.

It's safe to say that our Group of today is a stronger, more sustainable and ethical business. But this is just the beginning of our ambition. Our history is still in the making and we look to the future and the positive impact we can make.


Making the right impact

We’re focused on creating a stronger, more transparent Group. We’re all about affecting sustainable change in all we do.

How We Work

We’re leaders, not followers, which is why we haven’t hesitated to adapt our processes and showcase our internal expertise.

Building a World-Class Supply Chain

Unlike other retailers, we recognise that walking away from hard-working British garment manufacturers would cost thousands of jobs and affect many people’s lives.

Caring for our People, and our Communities

As well as supporting and celebrating our garment workers, we’re prioritising our people and communities, always looking for what more we can do and where we can give back.

Pay, Risk & Management

Our transparency continues into the boardroom and beyond.

Embracing Stronger Corporate Governance

It’s all about broadening skill sets and ensuring balance. So, we’ve made some new appointments and lots of important changes.

Life at boohoo group