Think heritage. Think potential. Think Debenhams.

At Debenhams, we’re known for our impressive fashion, beauty and homewares offering. With 200 brands and 200,000 products stocked on our site, there’s something for everyone, and the sky is the limit for what we can achieve.

  • Who we are

    As an established and much-loved household name, you know all about our high street roots and bricks and mortar stores. Now, we’re looking to the future. Since 2021, we’ve embraced some changes. We joined the boohoo group and have transformed into a primarily digital brand. Our vision is to be the UK’s leading online department store and make our mark on the international market. We strive to become the number one destination for fashion, beauty and home. That’s why we need you.

  • Our way of thinking

    You’ll find us in Soho, London and Manchester. The teams there are focused on driving the brand forward and making sure our potential builds on our heritage. With the support of the Group, we’ve already achieved things in days that others would ponder for months. We launched our new site in eight weeks and had the marketplace up and running ten weeks later. We’re adding partner brands at lightning speed to offer even more variety to our customers. We’ve also opened Debenhams Beauty, a physical store, in the London Beauty Showroom. It’s safe to say we’re well on our way to being bigger and better than ever before – our ambition is unrivalled, and the pace of work is a force to be reckoned with. Think you can keep up?

  • Achieve everything

    Nowhere else can you work with such an established brand that’s bursting with all the ambition of a start-up. We’re fast-paced, friendly and full of positive energy. We all know that we’re here to deliver, and we’re constantly trying new things. We’re open to change and ideas – better still, we’ll empower you to make them happen. Success is impossible without teamwork and pushing each other to be better. Together, we can shape the direction of Debenhams and impact the brand’s future, making sure we become the online destination we know we can be.

  • Thinking about career development? You’re in luck

    Our people are passionate, agile and creative. To join us, you’ll share these traits. We’re excited about the journey we’ll go on together; there are plenty of opportunities for you to progress and gain exposure to all aspects of the business.

If you see challenges as opportunities, we think you’re going to love it here. Search our Debenhams roles for more info and to apply.

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