Think A-List. Think authentic. Think Misspap.

At Misspap, our girls want to look glamorous, polished and ready for every occasion. We take their shopping experience to the next level: our customers turn to us because we make living a Champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget possible.

  • Our way of working

    We’re rapidly growing - which is where you come in. There’s no typical day at work, and we like it like that. We’re a close knit family who works together and has each other’s backs. As a brand, we’re challengers. We challenge the way things are done, expectations and what’s possible. 

    No one else pulls off a premium aesthetic at this price point like we do. Since rebranding in 2020, getting our name on everyone’s lips is well underway. We’re going on a journey, and everyone is invited – we’re creating a movement that goes beyond award-winning campaigns. We’re partnering with charities, celebrities and influencers to showcase what we believe in and making sure our work has meaning beyond creating and selling fabulous fashion. Our customers see themselves in the influencers we work with. You’ll find us online, featured on third-party marketplaces and over in Dubai, thanks to our incredible partnerships and global reach.

  • Our way of thinking

    We’re all in this together, rolling up our sleeves and making amazing things happen. Join us, and you can have a say in where we’re going. Share your ideas – we want to hear them. Think you’re ready for this level of exposure? We’ll make sure you’re trusted and empowered to try new things and share in our success and vision.

    This is an exciting time, and we’d love for you to join us and drive our success together. Show us that you’re passionate and progressive. We’re real characters, motivated and able to turn ideas into action, so you need to be too.

  • Achieve everything

    We’re all about spotting talent and making sure people grow. Think rewards, development and progression so you can grab opportunities for yourself and Misspap – we want you to go for it so that everyone is the best version of themselves. If you give us your all, you’ll have the never-ending support of the wider Group.

We create collections that generate a real buzz – just think of what we could do together. Search our Misspap roles to apply.

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