Think we’re all about the figures? Think bigger. Think future-focused. 

Whether we’re looking backwards recording figures or looking forward with budgets as we charge towards our commercial aims, we’re all about accuracy so we can achieve our impressive growth plans and financial goals. Our brands need a Finance team that can work across a range of areas like Statutory, Commercial and Analytics: there’s no one quite like us.

  • Our way of working

    Our proactive business partnering, advice and forecasting give the Group confidence to succeed. You can forget about static finance jobs - the brands in the boohoo Group keep growing organically at pace and with new acquisitions. So, the big question is, can you keep up?

    One day you’ll be working with stakeholders to realise their goals, the next, you’re talking with E-commerce and Marketing to help them understand on-site trading performance. As you can tell, there’s never a dull moment, and it’s all part of working in a fashion-forward fast-growing PLC!

  • Our way of thinking

    Our vision is all about making sure our function is fit for the future, delivering world-class finance, addressing limitations, overcoming challenges, and ensuring the business invests in the right things. Whether that’s bringing in talent or implementing a new finance system, we’re busy upgrading and expanding so we can support the Group in the best possible way. We don’t just think; we act, so we’re changing our system to reflect who we are today and provide all the support, advice and reporting the Group needs. Join us, and you’ll be part of our finance transformation programme.

  • Are you one of us?

    We’re not corporate, and we don’t believe in hierarchies! Instead, we’re friendly and keen to see you progress. Sure, the pace is fast, but we’re focused on adding value wherever we can by investing in our Group and our people. If you relish a challenge and dream of the variety that comes with working for some incredible brands, then bring your knowledge and can-do attitude, and we’ll provide the like-minded team players you need to thrive. As a team, we can challenge ways of working, so we’re open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. We care about informed opinions, not just facts. 

    You can’t be stuck in your ways in our team; you have to adapt and be ready to experience different business areas. We need you to be resilient, take your work seriously and, of course, meet targets. That’s what we’re here for; understanding strategies, being responsible for profit and loss but having a good time every single day.

  • Achieve everything

    We recognise hard work and help is always available. With such a growing team comes opportunity so you’ll be trusted from day one to get involved – there’s also access to courses, formal qualifications and mentoring. Join us, and you’ll discover different areas of the Group, make a measurable difference and fulfil your potential along the way.

Thinking about joining us? Of course you are. We’re based in Manchester and London - search our Finance jobs to see where your boohoo group role will take you.

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