Think you’ve done it all in Tech? Think again. Welcome to the future.

In Tech, we not only support every brand but every function that needs us across the entire business. We deliver critical customer-facing and internal stakeholder facing systems; that’s everything from the provision of colleague tech to all front-end websites and apps, project delivery systems, HR and finance systems, plus buying and merchandising tooling. With nine acquisitions in two and a half years, it’s safe to say we’re acting for the future and embracing change!

  • Our way of working

    Our approach to tech has to be different. We’re the boohoo group, after all. We see tech as something that enables. We’re a digital-first company that is totally cloud-native, so we utilise the latest tech to stay ahead, increase our speed to market and improve efficiencies. There’s no legacy technology to contend with here. Our attitude is simple. We hire the best people and give them the scope and autonomy to use their talent to drive our business forward. 

    We mean it when we say we’re innovative. From new headless architecture to embracing next-gen e-commerce platforms, we’re ahead of the game, and the interest we receive in how (and how fast) we work proves it. Right now, we’re embarking on an AI machine learning journey. 
    There’s always something going on and coming up – you’ll have end-to-end projects like fundamental back-end changes and moves to service-based architecture, plus loads more, including how we move forward with our digital and mobile app strategy. Expect to work with Headless MACH architecture and cloud solutions from AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

  • Our way of thinking

    We’re all about adding value and making a difference. What we contribute has a direct impact on everyone’s shared success. That’s why we spot opportunities and are proactive in making things happen. Our team’s keen on using our creative energy to turn problems into solutions – this means our ideas support and drive the Group’s agenda. 

    With offices in Manchester and London and three warehouse sites, we offer hybrid and remote working. It’s safe to say that even though we work across these sites or at home, we’re still a close team. We’re also resilient, pragmatic and creative. If you want to join us, you’ll need to keep up with the pace, enjoy collaboration with our friendly team and most importantly, bring a can-do attitude.

  • Achieve everything

    People say that one year working here is the equivalent of five years’ worth of experience somewhere else. And we’d have to agree. Thanks to the pace and scope of projects, joining our team is CV building and potentially career-defining. You’ll work on projects end to end, learning and developing along the way. We’re focused on providing progression opportunities and developing entry-level talent with apprenticeships and internships. From development sessions to structured training, you can achieve everything you want to.

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