Think you know Manufacturing? Think again.

In Manufacturing, we’re all about showcasing how it’s possible to create sustainable and ethical garments at the right price point here in the UK. A team made up of cutting, sewing and packing experts with big ambitions, we’re proving that we’re leaders and not followers as the boohoo family has invested millions so we can have our own manufacturing site in Leicester. 

  • Our way of working

    No one else has a centre of excellence like we do. It’s our workplace, and it’s an impressive one at that. We work in the first state-of-the-art production facility that’s a benchmark for all the Group’s suppliers. It’s a big deal. We’re setting standards, working with the best technology, and supporting the local community and the textile industry by manufacturing garments here. You’ve got to experience it to believe it – we’re real trailblazers, and we love seeing customers wearing the clothes we make! 

    It's our responsibility to make sure that each brand’s raw materials become a finished and packed garment that our customers can wear and love. We bring all the efforts of the other departments to life. In Cutting, we transform our fabric into the style specifications the sewing team needs for the next step. Then, in Sewing, we assemble, check, alter and take care of garment accessories. In Packing, our keen eye makes sure the product is ready to go, trimming, tagging, folding and packing before it’s on its way.

  • We love where we work

    Imagine an atmosphere where each day is built on support and empowerment and a culture where teams are more than colleagues; they’re a family. That’s what we have here! We love where we work – it’s lively and diverse. Yes, we work hard, but we have fun too. We get to see the latest styles before they’re sent out, and the facilities are fantastic with free drinks and snacks while we work. The Group is committed to creating a positive future for UK manufacturing and our team – and it really shows thanks to our excellent benefits, genuine work-life balance, training and career development opportunities. 

  • Are you one of us?

    We’re looking for people with a can-do attitude and an open mind. We’re a team that’s valued and trusted to do our job. Teamwork is everything, so we want proactive, hands-on team players – if this is you, you’ll give it your all so that we succeed together. You’ll embrace the pace, learning as you go and be ready to showcase your technical skills. You’ll want to discover better ways of working, and you’ll find them here. Your ideas are heard; better still, we act on them, so the impact you’ll have knows no limits. The same goes for your potential.

  • Achieve everything

    We’re taking your career in textiles to a whole new level. Our people experience high-quality in-house training at our impressive academy. Join us, and you will too. Your career is yours to shape and grow, and we’re here supporting you every step of the way, with buddies and mentors when you need them. Work your way up or refine your skills – the development you want, and the opportunities you deserve, are here and waiting.

Think you’re ready? What we’re doing has never been done before. Make clothing for global brands in the heart of Leicester’s textile industry. Search our Garment Manufacturing jobs today.

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