Think you know the future of tech? You’ve seen nothing yet.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of tech, driving PrettyLittleThing forwards and realising our goals. With a tech stack that’s been fully developed in-house and our own headless e-commerce platform, we can really see our impact in real-time. You’ll see that our team is the definition of fast-paced – if you relish a challenge and live for adding value, you’ll love it here! Without us, our customers can’t shop PLT, so we’re always evolving our services and performance to impact the user journey and optimise their experience.


    We look after all the Tech services PrettyLittleThing needs to be successful. Because of this, we never settle. You won’t have much legacy tech to deal with here! We’ve already shouted about it, but we’ll say it again; our tech stack has been fully developed in-house, and we’ve even got our own headless e-commerce platform. Because it’s ours, we can optimise as we want and make changes happen fast. 

    Every single one of our projects is exciting and innovative. We don’t do boring! We release updates several times a day, so we see the impact of our work in real time. From internal systems that help Buying and Merchandising, the e-commerce website and app (our customers love it) to the warehouse systems which fulfil every order globally, we test and learn constantly to ensure everything runs smoothly. We work closely with our stakeholders to create and maintain what they need to make our brand a global success story. You could call us enablers of innovation and efficiency. We offer the best tech solutions, enjoying our journey and the impact we have along the way.


    For us, delivering software and tech services has to be seamless and agile. There’s no other option, and, as a result, we add value as we play our part for the brand. Everything we do is scalable, so we can keep continuous improvement in mind as we innovate and deliver our projects.


    We want creative and collaborative people who know how to have fun – be ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in! We’re the kind of team that learns from our mistakes and channels that energy into improving. We’re not afraid of tight deadlines or new ideas; we live for them. We work hard, have a great time and encourage honesty and transparency. Support is everywhere, for everyone.


    It’s time you experienced what it’s like to really be empowered at work. At PrettyLittleThing, we have a career development plan for every team member in each product team, plus regular training and ‘Learn & Collaborate’ sessions every fortnight. We believe in learning from each other, and with this much talent, there’s no limit to what you’ll achieve! With us, you don’t have to imagine the value you’re adding; thanks to our quick decisions, regular releases, and improvements, you live and breathe ‘better’ solutions with a like-minded team.

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