Think fast. Think fun. Think freely.

When people think of our department, it’s always about our creativity. Nothing compares to seeing customers purchase and wear our creations, or when our designs feature in campaigns and on the feed of our favourite influencer. Thanks to our talented team, every brand has products they can be proud of. 

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

    We find ours in movies and magazine shoots, in pop culture, art, travel, nature and everything in between. We’re leaders, not followers, so we know a good thing when we see it. In the Design department, we’re there when inspiration strikes, looking at research and future-trend forecasts to see what our customers want to buy. We’re the first to have eyes on a product, and there’s no feeling quite like it.

  • Our way of working

    For us, it’s all about bringing trends to life and keeping our finger on the pulse of a design – from concept and specifications through to production. We design and influence everything the Group buys, so we’re a solid part of each brand’s identity. We drive new fabrics, graphics and print techniques, not forgetting highlighting and forecasting colours and styles. Behind the scenes, we’re busy creating mood boards and stories that will become our ranges. We don’t just design; we plan, develop and sample too, working closely with the Buying, Merchandising, Creative, E-commerce, Garment Technology and the wider business. We love teamwork and creating a buzz of activity and ideas wherever we go. We know there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

  • Our way of thinking

    Our vision is clear. We want our brands to be trendsetters and for the best talent to join us and showcase what we’re capable of. We’re not like other companies. We’re proud to be industry leaders with the freedom to shape our brands and push boundaries. We get to try new things across all our projects – describing what we do as exciting is an understatement! Where we work is vibrant and open plan. The way we work is fast-paced, full of energy, encouraging and welcoming. Being online-only means bigger and better opportunities. We never take ourselves too seriously, and we don’t believe in hierarchies; instead, everyone feels respected, their voice is heard, and we celebrate creativity.

  • Are you one of us?

    So, who do we want? For starters, people who are passionate about our brands and driven to help us stay ahead of the competition. Now two days are the same, so you need to think big and have confidence, be bursting with fresh ideas, be able to spot emerging trends and be willing to run with them - we won’t hold you back. To fit in, you’ll need to be agile, eager to learn, and open to feedback. We’re more than a team here – we’re a family.

  • Achieve everything

    We have loads of new and exciting projects coming up that you’ll get to be part of.  We’re focused on the future and keeping our brands fashion-forward – that’s everything from collaborations to competitions, territory expansions to the environment and sustainability. In return for your skills, we’ll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to grow with the Group and achieve your goals: you set them, we’ll help you smash them with education, training, exposure to other departments and how they work, plus all the resources you need to think bigger, better and bolder.

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