“We really are looked after when it comes to employee perks.”

  • Why did you apply to work for us?

    I was looking for a workplace with a positive environment and it was a bonus that I could work for such cool brand.

  • What’s the best thing about working for us?

    The people I work with are just so great and the socials that boohoo organise foster even closer team relationships. We really are looked after when it comes to employee perks.

  • How would you describe the culture?

    Supportive, positive, laid-back yet driven.

  • What do you get up to in your role? What makes it different compared with other similar roles you’ve had?

    Along with my team, I create the marketing designs for everything Nasty Gal, from digital graphics like web designs, email and social media work to printed large scale, international billboards. I feel in this role I am really trusted to do my job by a close-knit team and thus the satisfaction when hard work pays off is fantastic.

  • How has your career developed since you’ve worked here?

    From starting as a Junior Designer three years ago, I’ve come a long way. I’ve had opportunities to work in Los Angeles, had access to courses to develop my career and also support in any areas I wished to progress in.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

    There isn’t just a single moment I can name, there are so many instances, but an example would be designing the parcel bags for Nasty Gal and seeing them used all around the country. Also putting together a wrap design for an Ice Cream truck to promote Pride 2021. The camaraderie when putting together something fun within a tight turnaround made it a memorable experience for everyone and I was proud seeing it on people’s social media.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    It’s a fast-paced environment here and everyone appreciates the extra mile to help each other out. To be successful you need to be able to take initiative and manoeuvre within a constant changing environment. Work to the best of your ability and it never goes un-noticed.

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    The social aspect that the boohoo group offers is very rare. You are treated to amazing parties, you have the chance to work with high profile celebrities and work experience that gears you up to anything that comes your way.

  • Describe working here in 3 words.

    Haven, motivated, and enjoyable.

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