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Think belonging. Think pride. Think beyond boundaries. 

Think you already know who we are and what we believe? Think again. Our actions speak volumes because we don’t shy away from making sure every day is shaped by our values. There’s courage in change, and it’s our culture and values that promote the diverse and inclusive workplace our people know and love. Everyone feels a sense of belonging when they join our Group or one of our brands, and that’s something we’re proud of and have worked hard to achieve.


employees globally


revenue growth up on 2020




can own part of the business through various share schemes

Our Culture

It’s really obvious to our people that we’re always thinking. Thinking of what’s next, of what more we can do, about our customers and our teams. Of how to make things better. But we don’t just think – we act. We work hard as one team to push potential to the limit every day. We won’t tell you that we’re like nowhere else you’ve worked before – you have to experience that for yourself. Sure, the pace is relentless, but here, you’re supported to think quickly, creatively, and freely. Take on challenges, try your ideas, own them and see what happens. If something doesn’t work, try something new. We learn from our mistakes and successes because what matters most is trying, learning and then improving. There’s no blame here, just empowerment.

We love talent and realising people’s potential. So if you work hard and seize opportunities, you’ll grow within your role and move to the next level – if that’s what you want. The only certainty we know of is change, and here at boohoo group, there will be plenty of it. We only ask that you keep up. 



At boohoo group, our values are the driving force behind everything we do. We live and breathe Passion, Agile, Creative, Commercial, and Team every day, in every challenge we face. They set us apart and allow us to achieve incredible things together. You know us – how we do things is just as important as why we do them. That’s why our values mean so much to the Group; they’re at the heart of our culture, decisions and actions. They even guide our performance evaluations!


We’re passionate. We believe in boohoo and ourselves. We love what we do and are inspired to be the best we can be. Our focus is always on giving our customers what they want. It’s all about commitment and attitude: positivity, a can-do mindset gets things done and makes sure we deliver our objectives.


To do that, we need to be agile. We embrace change so we can stay ahead of the competition. When we see opportunities, we act fast and grab them with both hands. We always communicate and stay flexible – we overcome obstacles and face change head-on.


There’s confidence behind all we do. Commercially, we trust our instincts and make bold choices. We’re entrepreneurial. We use data to back up our actions, and we always keep in mind what's best for our customers and our bottom line.


Fashion wouldn’t be fashion without creativity, but we’re creative in our thinking, as well as our design. Everything has to be (and always will be), boohoo. We’re doing things our way, and we’re not afraid to be different. We think outside the box, bring new ideas to the table and make full use of our initiative.


We’re one team, always. Everyone’s contribution is important and valued. We build our success together, and we share in it. That’s how we define teamwork. We’re setting a fast pace, but we get to have fun along the way, appreciating and supporting each other. We’re the boohoo family.

Diversity & Inclusion

Across the boohoo group, we make a point of celebrating diversity. Our teams are as individual as our customers, and by bringing everyone’s talent together for our brands, our products can come to life and keep setting trends. Who we are, how we think, and the different backgrounds we come from mean we can share our points of view and lived experiences. We all bring a positive attitude to work every day and are ready to get stuck in. It’s no surprise then that because we embrace what makes us unique, we’re confident we’re making our brands even stronger for the future.

If a business tells you they’ve done all they can for Diversity & Inclusion, we’d think twice about believing them. We know we can always do more, so we never settle – we’re on a journey towards being the best we can be, in all things, for everyone. Every single person who joins the boohoo family plays their part and makes an impact. Giving our customers what they want goes beyond fashion: it means making sure they’re represented, too. Our D&I mission for the Group is clear:

Consistently inclusive

A workplace where everyone is respected; their individual differences are valued; and they can be themselves at work; without exception.

Life at boohoo group