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We’re looking to the future, doing more for our clothes, our suppliers, their communities and reducing our impact on the environment.

We’ve looked hard both inside and outside our business, and come up with a plan that will help us be ready for the future. There’s work to be done, so we’re going to be open and frank on the progress we’re making. Our next chapter is ours to create, and we’re only just getting started.


Making our clothes in a smarter way - with better materials, more sustainable design and less waste and packaging.


Doing more for our suppliers - transparent supply chains, improved standards and management and a long-term commitment to those that work in fashion.


Running our business responsibly - strong governence, a great place to work, tackling climate change, responsible marketing and a role in communities we can all be proud of.

Clothes made smarter

There’s an environmental and social cost to producing and selling clothes. Including the materials used, how they are designed, what happens at the end of life and the packaging used to get them to our customers in the best condition. So we’re finding ways to be smarter and leave a lighter footprint.

Our Goals

Suppliers on better terms

Our business is growing. We rely on strong relationships with our suppliers to provide our customers with on trend products at great prices. So it’s vital we can trust that suppliers are respecting our ethical, environmental and product quality standards. In particular, we want them to treat workers well and pay them fairly. And to build stakeholder confidence and brand loyalty, we need to communicate our progress clearly and openly. That’s why transparency runs through all our goals.

Our Goals

Our business taking action

We’re passionate about fashion, our business and the role we can play in creating a better fashion future. Taking responsibility for the way we run our business and manage our impacts is the best way to achieve this. That’s why caring for people and the environment will be central to our decisions. This starts with making sure we have strong governance practices and a great team of people. With talented people behind us, we’ll be able to deliver our goals and make more sustainable choices easy and desirable for consumers. And by making a difference in our communities, we’ll be able to give back to society.

Our Goals