Think conscious. Think curated. Think Oasis.

At Oasis, we dedicate ourselves to creating beautiful pieces for everyday moments. Our collections are special and long lasting – we’ve made them full of whimsical feeling and feminine touches. We’re on a journey towards being fully sustainable and the trusted ethical brand for the 30-something fashion consumer thanks to our truly conscious curation.

  • Our way of thinking

    We want to do the right thing, and that means creating beautiful clothes that people keep and love, not throw away. We’re going to achieve our goals by using more environmentally friendly production techniques and by making sure inclusivity and diversity are present in every aspect of our process. From the progress we push for and the partners we choose, to the products and purchases we’re making: our focus is on the planet we’re protecting and the people who bring our clothing to life. We’re striving for a more socially and environmentally responsible future, so there’s never been a better time to join us. 

    We became part of the Group in 2020, and with our new family comes endless opportunity. In keeping with our sustainability aspirations, we’ve rebuilt our brand and changed our ways of working. Our campaigns champion what matters most to us, and we’re confident in our purpose. We want to support our customers to make positive choices because the decisions we make today impact the environment, the supply chain, and the people who make our garments tomorrow. That’s why we want everything we do to be fair and transparent – being part of our team makes for interesting, enlightening work with a high degree of accountability.

  • Our way of working

    As a brand, we go beyond trends. We create beautiful fashion moments and wearable works of art that also support our sustainability agenda. We’re looking for people who will help us succeed in our mission to always be better. Do you share our passion? If so, Oasis is the brand for you. Be brave, take chances, get involved. We can’t wait to see what difference you’ll make. We’re always delighted when we see a customer enjoying our product, because we know all about the considered choices and hard work that have gone into creating it.

    You’ll find our team in the heart of Soho in London, enjoying a culture that promotes support, ambition and big ideas. We enjoy our work and the fun atmosphere in our office. We give our people autonomy and empower them, making sure they’re surrounded by driven teammates who share their voices proudly and confidently, knowing they’ll be heard and trusted to make things happen. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Achieve everything

    As we stay focused on more sustainable fashion, we’re sharing our story, and you can help us tell it. In return, we’ll encourage you to seize every moment and enjoy all the learning and exposure you could possibly wish for to develop your career.

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