Think you know customer service? Think again.

Customer Service for the boohoo group speaks for itself. We’re bigger and better, 24/7, 364 days a year across live chat, email and social media. We’re the team that can speak our customers’ language – we’re here to support them and resolve issues if and when they happen. Everything we do goes towards the credibility and reputation of each brand, so we need to make sure we have the best relationship possible with our customers, even when things don’t go to plan and they need a little help.

  • Our way of working

    It’s important that if something goes wrong, we’re there, and we care. We’ll put it right, and because we’re always learning, everything we do is focused on continuous improvement. We’re a team built on transparency, so when a customer comes to us with a question or issue, we listen, act and resolve, feeding back what we’ve learned to the business. Then, we’re proactive in making sure whatever it was doesn’t happen again. Our training team ensures our agents’ knowledge is always up-to-date and changes are communicated effectively. This keeps our agents at the top of their game and means they give the right information to our customers.

    Lately, we’ve been thinking bigger. Automation and artificial intelligence can enhance what we do, and we’re gearing up for the metaverse too, so that’s something to watch out for – it’s all about giving people a choice in how they interact with us.

  • Our way of thinking

    We’re proud that what we do makes a difference to millions of customers. That’s a big responsibility, so we think of ourselves as the definition of teamwork; we come together to get it right, share ideas and improve our ways of doing things. Whether it’s prevention or a solution, big or small, every message is valued and important. Unlike some other businesses, we own our mistakes and put them right. We are our customers’ advocate and their voice.

  • Are you one of us?

    To be one of us, you have to genuinely care. Care about putting wrongs right, about our brands and most of all, our customers. We’re looking for friendly, fun and focused solution finders, empathisers and can-doers to join us so we can sort out problems, make customers smile and welcome them back for future purchases. The name of the game in our team is patience and enthusiasm.

  • Achieve everything

    Work hard, and progression is yours for the taking. You’re either an Agent, Team Leader or Customer Service Manager or working within our three support functions – there’s Planning, Training, and Change and Continuous Improvement. Join our team, and you’ll experience our famous unreal pace. There’s always a new challenge, and we get massive amounts of opportunity to learn and improve thanks to our training and forums. We’re one team, so every day is about being better for ourselves, the business and our customers.

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