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“Everyone works so hard and it really feels like we’re all in it together!”

Lottie, HR Advisor, PrettyLittleThing

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“We’re encouraged to speak up, make recommendations and get involved in bigger business ideas.”

Pippa, Senior Influencer & PR Manager, PrettyLittleThing

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“Everyone is so friendly and approachable.”

Lauren, Photographer & Retoucher, PrettyLittleThing

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“Every day is different, and I am always meeting new and interesting people.”

Joshua, Merchandiser, PrettyLittleThing

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“The increase in skills and knowledge since I have started is unbelievable!”

Jack, Insight Analyst, PrettyLittleThing

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“We are given a great level of freedom to create positive change within the business.”

Jason, HR Business Partner, PrettyLittleThing

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“I love that the IT department is one big collaboration, everyone is free to share their ideas and try new things to improve the business.”

Scott, Head of QA, PrettyLittleThing

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“The E-commerce team is one big team and when something needs to be done everybody will jump on and help.”

Ami, Lead Copywriter, PrettyLittleThing

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“It feels like a big family, where everyone has grown in their roles and responsibilities alongside PrettyLittleThing's growth.”

Asif, Head of Software Development, PrettyLittleThing

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“Since moving to PLT my confidence has grown as well as my responsibility.”

Rebecca, Garment Technologist, PrettyLittleThing

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“As a group we're such a huge player in our industry and I'm proud to be part of that.”

Adele, Purchase Ledger Manager, PrettyLittleThing

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“There’s nowhere like the PrettyLittleThing office, its such a crazy and fun place to work.”

Ella, Stylist, PrettyLittleThing

Meet Ella
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