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“It’s been the most refreshing 12 months working for boohoo.”

Helen, Studio & Production Manager, Debenhams

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“I love my team that I work with and the atmosphere in the office.”

Greta, E-commerce Trading Executive, Debenhams

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“As a growing brand under boohoo, you really see the fruits of your labour as well as the growth taking place in real time.”

Glenda, Senior E-commerce Executive, Debenhams

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“Its cliché but no two days are the same and its always about what’s next.”

Tom, Assistant Merchandiser, Debenhams

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“boohoo group hass a vast and varied brand portfolio, with each brand having a unique offering and target market.”

Ellie, Merchandising Manager, Debenhams

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“The working environment is so friendly and open which I noticed straight away.”

Chloe, Senior E-commerce Executive, Debenhams

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“I’ve met some of my best friends working here and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Erin, Assistant Merchandiser, Debenhams

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