“The variety of the Group and the continued additions of new brands is exciting – the sheer amount of change, innovation and growth is unrivalled.”

  • Why boohoo group? What makes it different?

    It’s all about our people. We’re a trusting business that likes to provide direction, but we let people get on and do it. With our test and repeat mentality, we don’t get too hung up on taking three months to get something done 100%. Instead, we get it done, get it done quickly, then improve and optimise as we go. That innovative and curious nature of the business makes us different. We keep trying and aren’t afraid to fail on our journey because that’s how we learn. It’s how we realise our success.

  • What led you here, and what keeps you here?

    The attraction for me was all around e-commerce. I’d previously managed supply chains in bricks and mortar stores, but I wanted to be involved in a growing, ambitious business in a sector that has growth and disrupter potential. The variety of the Group and the continued additions of new brands is exciting – the sheer amount of change, innovation and growth is unrivalled. We’re investing and progressing. We’re developing people. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I’m motivated because we see progression every day, and we continue to learn every day. That’s the most important thing.

  • What’s your vision, strategy and leadership style?

    Our vision is to be the leader in e-commerce fashion globally. Supply Chain has a significant part to play in this ambition, so we’re focused on supplying great product at pace and at the best possible cost. We support the business and make sure what we are doing is aligned to ensure the continued success of the business.

    My leadership style focuses on providing strategic direction but allowing my team to take guiding principles and deliver in the way they want to, as long as it aligns with the Group. We cannot deliver everything at pace as individuals, that’s why teamwork is so important, we trust our teams and we deliver collaboratively. I delegate to create a positive and progressive environment, allowing my team to own the solutions they provide.

  • Why should top talent join us? What’s in it for them?

    There’s so much ambition at boohoo group. The Group and the fashion e-commerce sector are growing so fast. The potential and ambition we have to do even more on a global scale makes for exciting work. In Supply Chain, we’re multi-disciplinary with teams across operations, projects, planning, engineering, finance, HR and more – everyone pulls together to deliver for our customers. This is an unmissable opportunity to work in a global business that is going places with and loads of development and progression opportunities. We’re the place to be.