“I’ve built a team with different but complimenting strengths and I empower them to shine. I’m incredibly proud of my team, we’re small and we’re new but we certainly punch well above our weight.”

  • Why boohoo group? What makes it different?

    Prior to taking on this role, I was running my own consultancy and boohoo were a client.  When they offered me the chance to join the team, I didn’t hesitate. I’ve worked in lots of different sectors but never fashion, so why not join one of the most successful and fastest growing in the world.

  • What makes Corporate Affairs & Internal Comms different at boohoo group?

    I’d say that working here you get all the benefits of an in-house role but in a business that needs you to have the multi-tasking skills that working in agency requires. We get the best of both worlds, a deep understanding for the business and the opportunity to work hand in hand with multiple different brands, all with their own unique requirements.

    The pace is fast, you have to react quickly, think on your feet and trust your instincts.  We are all about giving trust and autonomy to our people, and with that comes responsibility and accountability, but it allows creativity to flow. If you have an idea, go for it.

  • What led you here, and what keeps you here?

    I guess I had a taster of who boohoo were before I joined, as the Group were a client of mine. I loved the people, the pace and the culture.  It’s crazy busy, it’s like nowhere I’ve ever worked before. We’re a young business and as the first ever Corporate Affairs person I had the opportunity to shape the team, the strategy and our business narrative, that’s not something that comes along every day, and I was not going to miss it. It’s been a rollercoaster, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

  • What’s your vision, strategy, and leadership style?

    For me the key to great leadership is to find the best talent, build a team with different but complimenting strengths and empower them to shine.  I’m often astounded when people hire talent and then confine them.  I’m incredibly proud of my team, we’re small and we’re new but we certainly punch well above our weight.

    My vision is simple: to build external trust and internal pride, that’s it! Simple to say, complicated, challenging and rewarding to deliver but my team are smashing it.

  • Why should top talent join us? What’s in it for them?

    At boohoo the variety and breadth of work you can get involved in is vast.  The level of autonomy here is next level: you simply won’t find it anywhere else. There is real strength in having different points of view, so talented people who think differently will thrive. We celebrate and harness every perspective and experience.

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