“boohoo love fresh ideas, they encourage everyone to express themselves individually and have their voice heard.”

  • Why did you apply to work for us?

    I used to be a professional singer and my song ‘Escape’ was signed to a boohoo TV advert. I met Mahmud at a boohoo party and he asked about my background in catering and hospitality. He and Carol were keen to launch catering facilities on site and asked me if I was up for the challenge!

  • What is the best thing about working for us?

    The workforce at boohoo are passionate about their roles here. Everyone believes in the brand and strives for innovation and progression. The energy is infectious and it is great to be along for the ride.

  • How would you describe the culture?

    Within my first few weeks at boohoo I was asked to join in with a mass Harlem shake on the studio catwalk for a charity video – in a onesie! (Think flash mob) This was the first time I met Carol Kane. For me this epitomises boohoo, it is vibrant, fast and fearless!

  • What do you get up to in your role? What makes it different compared with other similar roles you’ve had?

    No two days are the same at boohoo. I can be planning content for a virtual radio show one day, writing a menu for a celebrity visitor the next, or sitting in on project meetings with the architect. (With a lot of food safety measures and spreadsheets in between!)

  • How has your career developed since you’ve worked here?

    I started in February 2013 working alongside KCP as a project manager- there were 70 employees at head office then! Along the way, I have been a co-writer for ‘The Fix’, had my songs featured on the boohoo catwalk videos and my recipes featured in food industry magazines. Now I am managing three restaurants, a team of 14 skilled and fabulous foodies, and I am supporting with hospitality across 16 offices for the group.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

    My proudest moment is still opening boohoo Attic (our first canteen) in 2013. From designing the layout of the shop floor, choosing the fabric for the sofas, recruiting and training the staff and the writing the menus I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and ran with it. I am forever grateful for boohoo believing in my abilities and trusting me to make it happen. Seeing that progress into boohoo kitchen in 2020 and knowing where that might look in the next 5 years is hugely exciting!

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Thinking outside the box and having the agility to move as fast as the business grows!

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    boohoo love fresh ideas, they encourage everyone to express themselves individually and have their voice heard. I have always been made to feel like my opinion is valued, and that I help contribute in my own way in making boohoo what it is.

  • Describe working here in 3 words.

    Inspiring, valiant, dynamic. 

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