“Some big corporates have restrictive hierarchies, and we’re absolutely not like that. We’re a very open business where you can genuinely be yourself.”

  • Why boohoo group? What makes us different?

    This is a working environment where you can achieve what you want if you have energy, determination and drive. In my own experience, big corporates have restrictive hierarchies, and we’re absolutely not like that here – it’s a very open business. I can genuinely be myself, and that’s something I encourage within my team. The pace and the speed we work is what makes us different.

  • What led you to, and keeps you at, boohoo group?

    I’ve been with the Group for just over seven years, it was its rise and trajectory that drew me here. I joined when boohoo had just IPO’d and the legal team was in its infancy. I wanted to be part of a young and fast-growing business where I could grow alongside it. The best thing is we’re still growing, and I have an incredible level of involvement across interesting and diverse projects. Our team gets to see the outcome of what we advise on and contribute to. For example, we see acquisitions we’ve worked on come online and start trading, we see marketing campaigns we advised on go live and with our new centre of excellence in Leicester, we get to advise, visit the factory and watch the operation come to life.

  • What’s your strategy, vision and leadership style?

    Our strategy is to add value, prevent issues and protect our brands. We’re always building relationships with key stakeholders, and I believe it's only possible to add value if you truly understand what the business is doing and trying to achieve. So I encourage the team to network, build relationships and understand the business and how it works. This enables them to be better lawyers and enjoy their job! Allowing them the autonomy to do their job is fundamental to how I see myself as a leader. My style is to find good people, trust them, and afford them space to get on with it. I’m very clear in how I communicate in terms of expectations, the support I give and the value I can add to the team. I firmly believe in allowing people to develop and work their own way.

  • Why should top talent join us? What’s in it for them?

    Very simply, there’s an enormous variety of work. In Legal, we have exposure to everything; that’s key. Junior lawyers are involved in big and fun projects such as acquisitions, international litigation, drafting influencer contracts and delivering our Agenda for Change. There’s no waiting around for opportunities here. As a team, we’re hardworking and close. We work incredibly well alongside each other. Because we’re well established across the business, we’re well respected and trusted. We absolutely offer career progression, and we all have the opportunity to develop as a part of a fast-growing business. It’s not like working for a firm where PQE and tenure is all that matters in terms of progression. Come in, work hard, and the opportunities to develop are there to be seized.