“Imagine coming into work every day and liking the people you work with, with clarity surrounding your job and being empowered to deliver. That’s what we have here.”

  • Why boohoo group? What makes us different?

    One of the biggest things that stands out for me is the pace. We’re always changing and evolving. When I describe the pace and energy to potential candidates, they can already feel it! The journey the business has been on - that makes the Group different too. Even with our extensive growth, new brands and future plans, we have a family feel, and the founders are still involved. You won’t always find that elsewhere.

  • What led you to, and keeps you at, boohoo group?

    The people. It’s that simple. Whether it's who I work with, the peer group I’m part of, or the teams I help create, that is my connection and what comes first and foremost for me. The excitement of the journey I’ve been on - and I’m still on - is absolutely why I’m here. I think about the people that I’ve met along the way and who I’m yet to meet. What led me here was the people, and that’s what will keep me here too.

  • What’s your strategy, vision and leadership style?

    In the People function, our vision is to be the best employer within the e-commerce fashion market. That means creating a sense of belonging within the boohoo family for everyone and having a workplace where people love what they do, grow and feel valued. I’m passionate about the guiding principles we have for our people. These include delivering initiatives clearly and accurately and making sure we provide value with our investments to grow and engage our teams. 

    We’re keeping employee wellbeing at the centre of our strategy, which means challenging the status quo and communicating with our people transparently, consistently and clearly. We want to recruit, retain and engage great people, but you can only do that with a performance culture that’s all about growth and sharing in our success. In my view, if these things aren’t a common thread in how we work, then we shouldn’t be doing it. That’s my philosophy.

    As a leader I’m direct, but the approach of our other leaders is very diverse, so it creates a good blend of leadership styles for our people to engage with. I’m high energy, self-motivated and like creating connections. I want people to feel valued every day, understanding where and how they contribute. I like to keep things simple in my way of working. Ultimately, I make things happen and create energy within my team to increase the impact we have on the business together.  

  • Why should top talent join us? What’s in it for them?

    We’ve got huge growth potential and a clear strategy of where we want to be. The path we’re on is exciting, but that’s nothing compared to the fact that our people can be themselves here! Growth and ambition coupled with a great place to work, that’s a powerful combination. The variety of our brands and global locations means our people get to try new things and be whoever they want to be. It’s not about fitting in. It’s about standing out and keeping our customers and employees at the heart of everything we’re doing. Imagine coming into work every day and liking the people you work with, with clarity surrounding your job and being empowered to deliver. That’s what we have here. I don’t think you can ask for more!